PESHAWAR – On Tuesday Khyber Pakhtunkhwa civil society, students and political workers held a condemnatory demonstration for the disappearance of professor and right activist Salman Haider and three other bloggers across Pakistan.

Addressing the gathering, Awami National Party’s former MNA and central leader Jamila Gillani said that Pakistan is a democratic country whose constitution fully implements the universal charter of human rights.

Two of the men — Waqas Goraya and Asim Saeed — disappeared on January 4, according to a cybersecurity NGO, while Salman Haider disappeared on Friday and Ahmed Raza Naseer Saturday, relatives said.


“None of the institution or law enforcing agencies have right to take away political, social, human rights activists and writers. In the light of the constitution of the country the citizens have the right to assembly, freedom of speech, thoughts and opinion”, she said adding that abduction of activists for being vocal for human rights is a violation of the constitution and democratic norms.

Sanna Ejaz said that the disappearance of workers and writers in broad daylight is unacceptable in a country with a democratic government. “We appeal to the honourable judiciary, elected government and law enforcing agencies order to bring Salman Haider and other bloggers to appearance, If any case is registered against these activists, courts can go for their process on such grounds.”


Addressing the gathering, Nazra Sayed held that every citizen of Pakistan has right to liberty of speech, thoughts and opinions because we are living in the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” and its constitution has a vast horizon for its citizen to remain vocal for their issues and rights.

“The participants of the demonstration that we appeal to International Organizations on Human Rights for having their focus on the disappearance of political, social and Human Rights activists in Pakistan. A democratic society and its norms should be implemented to get a peaceful and developed status of the citizens,” added a youth activist and university student Pirzada Fawad ur Rehman.

The gathering asked media organisations to play a role for coverage for the freedom of humans fundamental liberties of speech, assembly, media (Press) and opinion.