ISLAMABAD (Online) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has warned his party MPAs of expulsion from the party if they would oppose Conflict of Interest (CI) Bill in KPK assembly.

“ We are going to table CI bill in KPK assembly. If any MPA from PTI opposes it, he/she will have no place in the party. We have promised with the people to bring this bill. We will not compromise over it no matter if we lose our government. Our MPAs should do their personal business or serve the people. MPAs and business can not go side by side. They will have to choose one among these two options”, Imran Khan said on his twitter account.

He alleged that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was directly involved in Nandi Pur power project corruption. “The inquiry of this scam is being conducted on the model of Model town tragedy,” he criticised.

“The committee constituted to probe into Nandi pur scandal is trying to protect the criminals and hush up the scam. But PTI will not allow it to cover up this scandal,” he added.

“PTI will take every step to make KPK province free of corruption no matter if we have to sit on opposition benches for this purpose, he announced. If we could not take steps for eradication of corruption then we will like to sit on opposition benches,” Khan remarked.