ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf spokesperson has denied claims of proposing to former party member Ayesha Gulalai, adding that holding a discussion of marriage with someone did not demand an apology.

In a TV programme on Thursday, Gulalai claimed that Haq had also sent her messages stating that he was lonely and wanted to marry.

After her claims, the PTI spokesperson took to Twitter saying that nothing wrong with discussing marriage with Ayesha Gulali, adding, “Should I apologise for discussing marriage with Ayesha Gulalai? No I don’t think so”.

In another tweet, Haq clarified that no formal proposal was sent to Gulalai as it was “just a discussion”.

On August 1, Ayesha Gulalai had announced to leave the party apparently due to the ‘immoral character’ of party leaders, as he levelled serious allegations against party chairman Imran Khan.

Later, PTI sent a legal notice to Ayesha Gulalai for her allegations against Imran Khan.

Gulalai has been given 10 days to prove her accusations before the party files a defamation case against her.

The notice was issued on behalf of PTI Central Coordinator Javed Badar by Advocate Ahsan Javed.

In the case of failure to provide evidence, the letter required Ayesha Gulalai to apologise to Imran Khan for making false accusations.