ISLAMABAD – A single member bench comprising a sitting judge of the apex court will investigation into Panama Papers, says Supreme Court.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Anwar Zaheer Jamali said on Thursday that the court will not drag proceedings of the case. He made it clear that the court will not be bound to the terms of reference of the parties rather it will be for the bench to fix the terms of reference for the commission.

Earlier, the counsel of the government, Salman Butt presented before the court the reply of the Prime Minister.

The prime minister’s lawyer submitted his reply in the court. He stated that Nawaz Sharif did not own offshore companies and flats. He added that the prime minister’s name was not mentioned in the Panama Papers and he submits his taxes regularly.

The lawyer said that Hassan, Hussain, Maryam Nawaz as well as Capt. Safdar had not submitted their replies. To which the court said that the actual replies had not been submitted.