PESHAWAR – Defying the perception of fragile economy and challenging the norms of the society, two passionate sisters from Peshawar have set up their own home based business of selling designer cakes and confectionaries.

Back in 2010, the idea of designer cakes and cupcakes was unique and that was the time when 24-year-old Rashmina and her 23-year-old sister Pashmina kickstarted their business venture to provide residents with bespoke cakes.

Detailing their tough journey, the Khattak sisters said that they had learned the art of baking through trial and error. Though the family of the talented sisters did not support them at first, owing to the fear of fame that is deemed unpleasant in tribal culture, the family soon put their weight behind the talented bakers as their skills earned recognition and the business boomed.

“There was no one to guide us and we had to go alone in cabs to find boxes, printers and talk to people about marketing,” Pashmina said. Rashmina said her disappointment at the start was apparent but she stood her ground and continued her work despite hindrances. “I came to the conclusion that nobody will stand for you and you have to help yourself,” she added.

The sisters started taking orders on social media and very soon their phones kept beeping as locals craved a cupcake by “Meena’s Delight”. Today, these cakes are made and sold nationally as well as internationally.

The Khattak sisters believe nothing is unattainable if people strive hard enough.