A girl from Pakistan traveled to Dubai with friends and colleagues. Like any other girl she packed her things, rushed to airport, passed immigration while heads down deep in her phone and got on her flight. After traveling in business class she landed in Dubai. At immigration people before her including her friend was cleared rather quickly.

When she stepped forward immigration officer took longer to process her. She casually asked if everything is ok to which she got the same casual comment “the passport and visa number don’t match” while giving her back the stamped passport. Her friend shrugged off her confusion by telling how it can be a mix up between old and new passport.

The girl reached her hotel room to snapchat her passport that’s when she realised it was her sisters passport which she was carrying. That’s when the chaos started. After long worrisome days and family whatsapp discussions her father went to Dubai. They had a few options laid out for them so she doesn’t get into trouble.

After long legal advises the father daughter duo decided to play it cool while exiting Dubai. On the airport her friends and colleagues got processed when it was her turn she was asked to step into immigration office. After a few clicks on the computer, going through her visa, the officer let her go!!!

Well maybe because the officer wanted to save himself and the immigration team responsible.