PARIS (Web Desk) – While waiting for public transport most of us just stare at our “smartphones”, thanks to the technological revolution.
But imagine not having the facility of a device which eats up your free time. What would you do?

Well, in the French city of Grenoble, vending machines that print out short stories have been installed so that people can make their unproductive moments productive.

Built by a publishing company called Short Edition, the short stories are printed out on paper receipts.

They are placed in eight public locations like the city hall and libraries.

The stories are original and free of cost, so anyone can interested can read.

All the dispensers have three buttons- 1 minute, 3 minute and 5 minute, and readers can choose how long their stories should be depending on the time they have.

The stories are written by members of the Short Edition community.
The concept was inspired to provide good quality literature to people and make few moments productive.