ISLAMABAD – In recognition of its customer-centric approach to business, Jazz has been awarded the Service Appreciation Award at this year’s Service Punch: The Service Conference organised by Active8. It provides a unique learning event and knowledge sharing platform dedicated to excellence in service and the customer experience.

The awards were based on a survey by for best service providers in different sectors. The ceremony was attended by a large number of CEOs, businessmen and delegates along with members of the Pakistani business community.

While receiving this honour, Nauman Fakhar, Head of Customer Care and CEM – Jazz, stated, “This award is a testament to Jazz’s customer obsessive approach. From planning to new service initiation to customer support, we believe it is imperative to think from the customers’ point of view. Offering innovative and reliable solutions to everyday needs and ensuring 24/7 support throughout this process is our way of ensuring high level of satisfaction amongst our customers.”  

At the conference, Nauman Fakhar also presented the working behind Jazz’s customer obsessed business approach and how constant innovation along with service reliability is key to increased customer retention and growth.