LAHORE – PokeVision, a mapping tool which gives you a bird-eye view of the Pokemon Go map with the location of all the Pokémon near you created by a Reddit-user, will help you master one of the world’s fastest selling games before any of your friends.

To find the Pokémon near you with PokeVision you just have to click on the GPS icon on the map, which will take you to your current location, and then click on the red dropped pin, which will show you all the Pokémon in the area.

Pokemon Go works in Pakistan but it still is not ideal to use as the map does not allow zooming in. The game also has a a timer after which all Pokémon de-spawn.

While this problem is only limited to Pakistan, the developers of the game are aware of the loophole which allows the app to work. If the fix the problem soon, as promised, it will render the Pokevision app useless.