You could have been thinking that web browser you use at your job is only related to the type of work you do, but a study presented by renowned economist Mike Houseman suggests that one can predict your job performance and commitment to career only if he knew which web browser you are using.

According to the study, people who use Chrome and Firefox at their job are more committed towards their work while people using Internet Explorer or Safari are less passionate as compared to the first type of people.

The findings further claim that people who use Chrome and Firefox are better performers as well. Meanwhile such people also spend 15% longer time at their work as compared to Internet Explorer and Safari users.

Reacting to the findings, one can think of improving his performance by changing web browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome.

However anyone with such thought should stand corrected, as the web browser they were previously using actually signaled about their overall attitude towards affairs of life. Because the browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari come as pre-installed in Windows and iOS while one has to install Chrome or Firefox by himself.

Actually the philosophy behind this study is that some people tend to reject the default browsers, Safari and Internet Explorer, and install some new of their own choice. Such people reject their default lives as well. Meanwhile some people accept the default browsers and likewise in their real life they tend to accept the matters of life as default.