All of you must have heard the story from Aesop’s Fables about the race between a tortoise and its old adversary, the hare.

Aesop wrote about the race between a hare and a tortoise as far back as about 600BC, which ends with the moral that has gone on to be one of the tenets for successful people around the world: Slow and steady wins the race.


Footage has emerged of the moment a pet fair in Thailand recreated the iconic contest between the two animals, and the Aesop’s story appeared to be true even in real life.

The race was highly engrossing, with people cheering from across the stadium. The tortoise started off with a fair lead, only to have the hare quickly hopping past.

But what followed was uncanny. The tortoise was predictably slow off the mark but still managed to create a healthy margin between itself and the hare, who was left marooned at the start line.

However, after taking a few seconds to get its bearings, the hare came to and hopped forward, claiming the lead for itself.

The following few seconds were tense – the tortoise keeping a steady pace as it came alongside the hare, before overtaking and taking what seemed to be an unassailable margin leading to decisive victory.

In today’s fast-faced world, there are many who would simply discard this lesson as worthless. But this video gives us a lesson that if you have to win the race, you must keep going towards your goal, slow and steady. And never slumber before you achieve the victory.

Tortoise who lost his legs in attack picks up speed after getting new wheels

The event also stresses the need to adopt love and care for such wonderful animals in this world.