LAHORE (Web Desk) – According to a report in American media India is second biggest supplier of explosives to the Islamic State (IS) and that the weapons are directly sent to Turkey for further distribution to Syria.

Detonators, safety fuse and other lethal weapons used by IS are Indian manufactured, Dunya News reported.

Weapons of 51 companies from 20 countries are being used by IS in Syria.

These countries include America, Russia, China, Brazil, Iran, Belgium, Netherlands and Japan.

Turkey tops the list of biggest suppliers of weapons used by the IS fighters. 13 companies of Turkey and 7 companies of India are supplying weapons and explosives to IS fighters. The licensed companies of India initially export weapons to Turkey and Lebanon, from where these are delivered to Syria.

Indian companies have been exposed by a British investigation institution. Explosives are widely used by IS fighters, and manufactured with ammonium nitrate and fertilizers mostly provided by the Indian companies.