Kuwait orders North Korean envoy to leave within 30 days

  • The move comes after North Korea tested the sixth nuclear test and fired missile over Japan

DUBAI – Kuwait has decided to expel North Korea’s ambassador to the country and other diplomatic officials in a move to limit ties with the country following the UN tougher sanctions after the nuclear test.

North Korea’s Ambassador So Chang Sik  and other diplomats have been ordered to leave the country within a month, international media quoted a North Korean diplomat in the Gulf region.

North Korea confirms it successfully tested Hydrogen bomb

The move follows a meeting between the ruler of the Gulf state Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah and US President Donald Trump here at Washington this month.

The US and Asian countries are ramming up pressure on their allies to downgrade relations with North Korea after it tested a hydrogen bomb and fired a ballistic missile over Japan.

On September 12, the UN Security Council had unanimously approved tougher sanctions against North Korea.

North Korea slapped with tougher sanctions after nuke test

All the fifteen members including China, Russia, Japan and others voted against the Pyongyang and approved sanctions, including “a ban on the sale of natural gas liquids to the North-East Asian nation, and on its textile exports”.  It also prohibited member states from providing work authorizations to its nationals.

The diplomat seeking anonymity told the media that Ambassador So Chang Sik will leave the country following Kuwait’s decision to cut ties.

However, there is no official statement from Kuwaiti officials in this regard.

In the Gulf, Kuwait is the only host of the North Korea’s diplomatic mission. Thousands of North Korean labourers are working in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Oman.

Last month, the Gulf country had imposed a ban on direct flights to and from Pyongyang, and issuance of entrance visas and and commercial licences.