DUBAI – Saudi Arabia’s security forces on Sunday arrested 46 members of a militant cell involved in a deadly suicide bombing attack outside Masjid-i-Nabwi in Madina last year.

The forces detained Saudi citizens and citizens of different countries, including Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan and Jordan in the Western port city of Jeddah, international media reported

Interior Ministry spokesman Maj Gen Mansour al Turki claimed that the group also carried out a suicide attack near the US consulate in Jeddah.

Three suicide bombers and two members of the security forces were killed in the attack on the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque during last days of Ramazan in 2016.

However, no any group claimed responsibility for the attack nor did the interior ministry blamed a specific group.

It is noted that Daesh, based in Iraq and Syria, has carried out a series of bombings and shootings in Saudi Arabia since 2014, killing numbers of people, mostly members of the Shi´ite Muslim community and security services.