WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – While former Republican nominees, John McCain and Mitt Romney, continue calling Donald Trump fake,  the 2016 forerunner faced tough challenge from Ted Cruz who clinched victory in two states out of four, where primary polls were held on Super Saturday.

Meanwhile Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders also won two of three states against Hillary Clinton’s one states on Super Saturday.

According to US media, primary polls were held in around five states (four Republican States and three Democratic states) Nebraska, Louisiana, Maine, Kentucky and Kansas.

Donald Trump gained majority in Kentucky and Louisiana while Ted Cruz won Maine and Kansas. On Democrats side Nebraska and Kansas were held by Bernie Sanders and Louisiana by Hillary Clinton.

Following the Super Saturday results, observers say that Ted Cruz could cause a serious dent in Trump’s campaign as the latter’s lead in terms of delegates is getting thinner and thinner. However Cruz will require support of other candidates like Marco Rubio to win the nomination for presidential elections.

On Democrats side, Bernie Sanders looks strong but the majority of Super Delegates have already extended their support towards Hillary Clinton which makes her a strong contestant. But still Sanders is a serious threat to Clinton.

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