From 'biggest dacoit' to Speaker Punjab Assembly, here's how Imran Khan initiated inquiry against Pervaiz Elahi

03:32 PM | 1 Aug, 2018
From 'biggest dacoit' to Speaker Punjab Assembly, here's how Imran Khan initiated inquiry against Pervaiz Elahi
LAHORE – Though Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has green signaled former chief minister Punjab, Pervaiz Elahi to administer the Punjab Assembly as a Speaker, a few of the facts have come to the fore divulging the years-long hate-hate relationship between Imran Khan and Pakistan Muslim league Quaid e Azam leader.

Interestingly, as the 'Chaudhries of Punjab' are set to take share in the province owing to the results of the General Elections, it has been revealed that the investigations against them were once sought by PTI chief Imran Khan.

In a Geo television talk show on Tuesday, it was revealed that the National Accountability Bureau is conducting investigations against Ch Pervaiz Elahi on a complaint filed by the PM-in-waiting, Imran Khan, a decade back.

When Pervaiz Elahi had assumed power in 2002, the State Bank of Pakistan had launched an inquiry against them regarding the written off loans; the inquiry was started after PTI supremo Imran Khan filed an application with the national treasury.

Imran Khan had quoted a report published in 2000 by a private bank in which it was alleged that the Chaudhry brothers got a loan written off to the tune of Rs 240 million for their Punjab Sugar Mills, seeking a formal inquiry into the issue.

Moreover, as PML-Q and PTI are ready to join hands in Punjab and at the federal level, a few of the statements of the cricketer-turned-PM are making rounds over the internet.

In one of the speeches, the furious Khan can be seen declaring Pervaiz Elahi the 'biggest dacoit of Punjab'.

'Let the elections start, these politicians created troubles for the public through dearness. The way these politicians flouted the rules and did corruption, you would see a drama unfold in coming days,' Khan had said in a reference to the regime led by Pervaiz Elahi.

pakistan Tehreek-e-INsaf is leading the numbers game in center, however, the party still needs the support of PMLQ to pave way for Imran Khan to become the chief executive of the country.