Samia Chaudhry died due to drug overdose: Rana Sanaullah

02:24 PM | 1 Dec, 2016
Samia Chaudhry died due to drug overdose: Rana Sanaullah
Lahore- Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah revealed on Thursday that Samia Chaudhry was not murdered, rather her death was a result of an overdose.

“According to reports the death was not the result of a violent act or murder, rather it points to overdosing of a substance,” Sanullah told newsmen

PML-N worker Samia Chaudhry was found dead at her room at the Chamba House on November 26 under mysterious circumstances.

According to police the door of the room was opened and Samia’s body had been covered by a blanket. She was foaming at the mouth and there is evidence of food being served to three people in the room.

Police have also sent a mysterious powder found in Samia Chaudhry's purse to the forensic lab.

Initially it was alleged that she was murdered but Punjab's law minister has clarified that she died due to overdose of a substance. He also expressed that a Chamba house worker used to book rooms for different people.

Islamabad-based Samia was married to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) employee Asif Mahmood, and was a mother of three.

Moreover, Rana Sana Ullah claimed that police was investigating multiple cases including the murder of stage actress Qismat Baig.