Zara Noor Abbas questions the treatment pregnant women get in corporate world

03:30 PM | 1 Jul, 2021
Zara Noor Abbas questions the treatment pregnant women get in corporate world

Phaans actor Zara Noor Abbas has raised a significant concern as she questioned why only women are encouraged to step back from work when co-workers find out that they are pregnant but fathers-to-be receive an entirely different treatment.

Needless to say, her questions triggered an impromptu yet much-needed debate. The Zebaish star had a quick Question and Answer session where she posed her concern to her followers.

“Quick question! Why are working women asked to take steps back when they announce a pregnancy in the corporate/work world and why are men never questioned for their credibility or their enthusiasm about work when they plan a family?”, the 30-year-old questioned.

The plethora of opinions she received was pretty diverse and reflected where we Pakistanis stand as a society.

A majority were conflicted over the double standards that still lay deep-rooted in the patriarchal society while others supported the old school belied system and maintained women requires complete rest and thus should not work at all.

A user responded by stating that men should be allowed an extended paternity leave “to help out” since parenthood is a “joint responsibility”. Another user elaborated on why men weren’t subject to the same societal expectations with, “Probably because some men don’t want to take equal responsibility that comes with parenting,” 

On the work front, Abbas is being highly praised for her performance in Phaans.

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