Fakhr-e-Alam comes in support of man arrested for flying 'homemade' aircraft

03:18 PM | 2 Apr, 2019
Fakhr-e-Alam comes in support of man arrested for flying 'homemade' aircraft

KARACHI - Pakistan star cum aviation enthusiast Fakhr-e-Alam has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to intervene in the case of a man who developed an aircraft from his own savings and was arrested for flying his manufactured plane by the police.

In a series of tweets, Alam, who became the first Pakistani to fly across the globe, defended the man saying he was our hero and should be encouraged.

“This man is a HERO. Anyone trying to justify his arrest & remand on my timeline will not get any kind words from me. Yes CAA has regulations but this is an extraordinary story & this man needs to be groomed & encouraged & helped to comply with law & asked to innovate more,” he tweeted.

“Dear PM @ImranKhanPTI can you please tell your Punjab govt to intervene. This man should be interviewed & asked what made him do this & how he succeeded. This man should be treated as a national asset. These are the kind of stories that inspire youth & future aviators,” Alam further added.

“This young man deserves our appreciation and respect. Pakistan cannot be a country where technology & innovation is punished. He should be lauded & I would like to fly with him in his homemade aeroplane. Anyone wants to arrest me please do I will surrender myself. Pathetic.”

Here are the posts by Fakhr-e-Alam:

Fayyaz was being arrested for flying his manufactured aeroplane without official permission in Punjab’s Arif Wala Tehsil, Police said on Monday (yesterday). His aircraft has also been confiscated during the trial run at an open field, police report added.

Muhammad Fayyaz, who is a security guard by profession, has manufactured a small aircraft with the help of bank loan, and personal savings of Rs50, 000.

Fayyaz while talking to Geo News said, “I made the aircraft with my hard work. My plane can fly till 1,000 feet. Give me one chance so that I can prove that I am a patriotic Pakistani. I informed every department but no one responded to me until this time”.

The action has been taken for flying the plane without the due approval of the civil aviation, the police further said.

Meanwhile, a CAA expert, Naseem Ahmed while speaking to Geo News said that the CAA laws are very much clear that Pakistani airspace cannot be used without due permission by any air machine.

“There needs to be approved. It’s for their own good for their safety. What if God forbid the plane crashes with any building. Ignorance cannot be used as an excuse,” he said.

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