Yashma Gill sings to raise awareness about coronavirus pandemic

02:39 PM | 2 Apr, 2020
Yashma Gill sings to raise awareness about coronavirus pandemic

KARACHI - The super gorgeous TV star Yashma Gill has released a song titled Sunno to raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic as the country imposes new restrictions to stem further spread of the virus. The Alif starlet has decided to use her voice for the right reasons as she sings to warn people of the upcoming disaster.

The song is accompanied by a laidback video recorded without any human interaction or any fancy visuals, just there to give out her message. Gill can also be heard calling everyone to take the necessary precautions like practising social distancing and staying at home to stop the spread.

At a time when the whole world has come together, the actress took her creative spin and joined in to spread the word.

Here is the song by Yashma Gill:

Let's go through some of the comments regarding rap song:

Yashma Gill had used her platform and time to help people understand the severity of the situation and express her exasperation over the carefree attitude of the masses with the lyrics.

Talking about the song release, the star said, “I cannot stress how important it is to let the general public know how deep we are into this global crisis. I wanted to use my platform to spread this message and let them know that we need to fight together.”

Stay home, stay safe!