Is applying Kajal or Khol safe for eyes? here's what experts say

03:47 PM | 3 Aug, 2018
Is applying Kajal or Khol safe for eyes? here's what experts say
LAHORE - Who doesn’t like those big, gorgeous  kajal rimmed eyes? For many an application of  kajal is a necessity, something that is a very integral part of our well-being. We seldom think if it can ruin our eyes in any way. But like all cosmetics, we should be careful with our kajal too.

Let's go through some of the major concerns related with eye-care, Below are some answers being given by Dr. Radhi Malar, Consultant Ophthalmologist:

1# Can  kajal damage our eyes in any way?

It depends, some of the natural  kajal is made of natural ingredients like almond oil, castor oil, damask rose, Triphala and camphor they are usually safe. However, an overdose of any of these ingredients can also be harmful. If the  kajal is made of any deadly chemical it goes without saying that it can damage your eyes. However, any cosmetic can be dangerous if we use beyond the expiry date.

2# What are the kinds of infections that can be caused due to overuse or misuse of  kajal?

Kajal is applied to the meibomian gland situated at the rim of the eyelids and the lids can cause infection which can lead to style, blepharitis – infection of the lids, bacterial conjunctivitis, in rare cases it can also lead to corneal ulcers, allergic conjunctivitis and foreign body sensation which could lead to reddening of eyes, watery eyes, and itching.

3# Can prolonged use of  kajal harm the eyes in any way?

If your  kajal is loaded with chemicals and you use it repeatedly, apart from the above-mentioned problems it could additionally lead to conjunctivitis due to chemical and toxic overload which is difficult to, treat.

Various kinds of eye allergies, meibomitis, stye and hordeolum or infections of the glands of the eyelids, corneal ulcer – which can potentially lead to blindness, uveitis – certain chemicals in kajal can cause inflammation inside the eye.

Some constituents can increase eye pressure leading to glaucoma, dry eye – regular use of kajal can be associated with scarring of tear or lacrimal glands causing dry eye syndrome and conjunctival discoloration.

4# What precautions should one take to avoid such problems?

Always do a patch test if you are buying a new product. Check the labels for the components, if you see there are any chemicals that could be potentially harmful drop the product from your list. Wash your eyes properly before going to sleep. Avoid overuse of  kajal or any cosmetics as they can be harmful.

So, we should be careful while using Makeup and cosmetics as eyes are precious.