CM Punjab constitutes committee of experts to battle smog

09:21 AM | 3 Nov, 2016
CM Punjab constitutes committee of experts to battle smog
LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif formed a committee on Wednesday to fight smog, affecting daily life of citizens especially the motorcyclists.

In many cities of Punjab, including Lahore, people faced difficulties due to smog as the visibility level was very low. The smog in the air is believed to be harmful for health.

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Shahbaz Sharif took notice and made a committee of 20 experts who would suggest how to lessen the smog .

According to DG Metrological department, Dr Ghulam Rasool, the thick layer of smog blanketing Lahore and other parts of central Punjab for over the last 48 hours will prevail for next two months.

“This situation is going to last till the end of December, as it hasn’t rained in the central Punjab since October,” said Dr Ghulam Rasool, Director General of the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

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