Nawaz Sharif's reports indicate improvement: medical board

11:17 PM | 3 Nov, 2019
Nawaz Sharif's reports indicate improvement: medical board

LAHORE – The medical reports of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who is admitted at the Services Hospital, indicated improvement of health on Sunday.

According to the medical board, headed by Principal Services Institute of Medical Sciences Prof Mehmood Ayaz, more medical tests of Nawaz Sharif would be conducted on Monday to further analysis the medicines.

The blood pressure of Nawaz Sharif was under control and number of platelets was 40-thousand, however sugar level was told up than normal.

All medical reports of Nawaz were being shared to his personal physician Dr Adnan Khan.

Yesterday, doctors saw a sudden drop in platelet counts and increase in blood sugar and creatinine level on the 13th day of Sharif's admission to the Services Hospital.

The modification in dose of steroids for improving other health indicators caused drop in platelets from 55,000 on Friday to 40,000 on Saturday, The News reported.