I appeal the President to help the needy artists of Pakistan: Ali Zafar

02:22 PM | 4 Jul, 2020
I appeal the President to help the needy artists of Pakistan: Ali Zafar

Artists in every discipline have been affected from the COVID-19 fallout. Unemployment and healthcare concerns have hugely impacted the arts, and artists have found themselves in dire mess.

To address this unprecedented impact, popular singer and actor Ali Zafar has made an appeal to the president of Pakistan Arif Ali as a representative of the artist community.

In a video message, Zafar shed light upon how some of the Pakistani artists are being neglected and not provided with alternative means of survival since the covid-19 crisis. He further addressed how his foundation has teamed up with another foundation and the Arts Council to weekly donate and help out the underprivileged artists of Lahore and Karachi.

However, after evaluating the data from the donation drive it was observed that the government's help is required.

Zafar shared a video message on social media in which he said: “Since Covid-19, people affiliated with the entertainment and performing arts industry have suffered a lot. This is an appeal to the president of Pakistan on behalf of the musicians, performers, and technicians of Pakistan.”

 “Although we can't really call it an industry since it has never been treated like one and many reforms are needed but that’s matter for a different day and time. We must understand that the suspension of live shows and gatherings has also suspended the livelihood of the people who put those shows together.”

He also praised the government's effort for raising the artist welfare fund's yearly budget and continued to request the president to give out that fund among the needy.

“I would really like to appeal that fund to be disseminated immediately because the situation is getting worse. And I would also like to add that the amount is distributed virtually so that these people do not have to stand in lines outside offices and be embarrassed,” Zafar shared.

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