We bring you the 5 types of Pakistani Mothers-In-Law!

03:01 PM | 4 Nov, 2016
We bring you the 5 types of Pakistani Mothers-In-Law!

Behold! We present to you the ever green Mother-In-Law!

With great marriages, comes an even greater Mother in Law! By the way, you are blessed if you have a good Mother in Law because she is that one woman who can either make or break you. While some of us might get lucky, most of us are bound to get a typical Asian/Desi Mother in Law who's been here since the beginning of time and trust me: your mom would also turn out to be one of the 'sasumas' mentioned below:

Here are 5 types of Mothers-in-law that you will mostly find, guess which one is yours?

The “Aunty Khushkabri”

Vomit! Any news? Bhook zyada lag rahi hai! Any news? Neend zayada arahi hai!  Any news? Late on your periods? Definitely news! This ‘Sasuma’ wants you to be a mom the moment you get married. She keeps telling you how she was a mother of three kids when she was your age. Her life revolves around you getting pregnant and giving her a grandchild! Her life goal is to be a “Dadi” and that too within a year of marriage. So beware, sasuma ki ankh apko dekh rahi hai!

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"The Phapphay Kutni Aunty"

Heard of the phrase sharing is caring? Well “Phupphay kutni Aunty” never heard of the phrase let alone learnt it. She strongly believes that the love is divided and it is all because of the new girl in the house. She also believes that no matter how hard you try, you would never be good enough for her son. She still spoils him rotten and well if you’re living far away or in a separate house then every time you meet her be ready to hear this phrase “Puttar Tu kinnaa maran (Skinny)  hogaya hai!" So without even saying your name she indicates how flop of a wife you are!


The “BP High-Why”

No arguments, No opinions, No explanations needed! You’re a great Daughter in Law until you say “YES” to EVERYTHING! Anything less than a “YES” would cause her a high BP and you would certainly regret this later because by the time everyone gets home they would know that BP high hai aur why apki wajah say hai!


The “Aunty copy cat “

Did you spend two hours at the gym? Shifted from tights to bell bottoms? Planning a dinner with your husband? Beware! You have competition out there. Be it fashion, workout or hangouts she will always try to be way ahead! Well to be honest she admires you from inside but does not have the audacity to say it out loud. Remember those competitive girls in school? Who really wanted to be “You” but never admitted , well behold you have one in the house!


The Extinct and Rare:

The one who genuinely loves you, supports you, stands up for you and makes you feel at home! These are the types that have already been through a lot and promised themselves that they would surely give their Daughter in laws a great time! (No pun intended) Well good luck finding this one and if you have her, treasure her and try to reciprocate the love she so selflessly showers on you!


So all you Daughter in Laws out there gear up for the real world! Be patient and tackle them well because everything is temporary except for monster in law...Oops! Mother in Law :)

Contributed By: Nimra Hamid