Sham Idrees is being scrutinized for his latest YouTube video

10:56 PM | 4 Nov, 2018
Sham Idrees is being scrutinized for his latest YouTube video
If you guys have been following Sham Idrees and Froggy’s YouTube videos you’ll know that there is some real drama happening. Sham Idrees is yet again caught up in a controversy where people are calling him out for invasion of privacy. He has recently started a series in which he is going around behind Froggy’s back to get more information on her.

He is pushing the boundaries with her ‘Friend’ after she wasn’t sure about dating him. He is now contacting her friends and family to get intimate details on her life. The video had details of Froggy’s personal life , traits, how she was at school and everything else whereas he should’ve asked her all the details instead of snooping around if he was so interested.

Fans were quick to notice how Sham was pushing the boundaries which surely isn’t cool.

As if all of this wasn’t enough he made all her details public and we aren’t having it!

Fans also noticed how Froggy is not fine with all of what Sham was doing.

Sham is facing a lot of backlash after he has released the first two parts of the series and we think he should stop it as it is failing miserably. Also he has so much drama going on around him even in his own videos and that’s not why his videos are famous!