Pakistan Welcomes Spring Season With These Festivals

07:23 PM | 5 Apr, 2017
Pakistan Welcomes Spring Season With These Festivals
LAHORE - Pakistan is famous for not only its scenic beauty but also for its rich culture and heritage. A large number of tourists who visit this South Asian country are attracted to the traditions and the hospitable nature of Pakistanis.

One of the factors that attract people towards of Pakistani culture are its festivals celebrated and cherished for different reasons. While some festivals are celebrated for religious reasons such as Eid-ul-Fitr, others are observed to welcome the four different seasons that Mother Nature has blessed the country with.

To help people know about these festivals so that they can visit these in order to get a closer and deeper look at the country, Jovago Pakistan brings you an article on the festivals in Pakistan that are celebrated to welcome the spring season.

Nowruz Festival

Celebrated by the Ismaili and Parsi communities, the Nowruz marks the beginning of the Shahenshahi calendar which is followed by the western neighbours of Pakistan. It also commemorates the beginning of the spring season. Associated with the concepts of rebirth and rejuvenation, the Nowruz is observed as a gratitude for the countless blessings bestowed upon the people. An event for family bonding, it is filled with delicious, mouthwatering traditional dishes.

Jashan e Shikarpur

Held in the months of February and March each year, this festival is one of the main highlights of the city of Shikarpur. Marked with traditional sports competition, handicraft exhibition, dances and folk music, the Jashan e Shikarpur is a mesmerising way to get a taste of what the Sindhi culture is all about.

Chilim Joshi Festival

One of the main highlights of the rich Kalashi culture, Chilim Joshi is also known by the name of Joshi and Chilim Jusht. It is a religious festival of the pagans of Kalash who welcome the spring season through it. Joshi is celebrated in May as a way to thank their gods for their countless blessings. The beautiful Kalashi girls, attired in their colourful embroidered dresses, perform the traditional dance of the area during this event to showcase their Northlander culture.


If you are a fan of colourful kites then this event is a must visit for you. Basant is celebrated over the various parts of the country, particularly in the city considered to be the heart of Pakistan. An event filled with a variety of dishes and musical concert, you will see the colourful kites of various shapes filling the sky.

If you have information on any other festival that is celebrated to welcome the spring season, then do share it with us in the comments section below.