Chicken prices fall due to coronavirus crisis

07:22 PM | 5 Apr, 2020
Chicken prices fall due to coronavirus crisis

LAHORE – The chicken prices have been facing significant fall due to the crisis emerged after Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak in the country.

A few weeks back, chicken meat was being sold for around Rs 260 per kilogram in the city, but now it is available for less than Rs 150 per kg.

Some people buying chicken at shops told APP on Sunday that it was a good thing that at least one item of daily-use was available in the market on affordable price in the current situation when a lot of problems and restrictions had made people's lives miserable. 

However, the poultry farmers seemed in real trouble. Some of them said that they were facing huge losses. They said due to such a low price, they were finding it hard to meet even the expenses borne on raising of the chicken. They said they were considering to quit the poultry business due the situation, caused by the conornvirus pandemic.

They said a ban imposed on marriage and other functions at marriage halls due to fear of spread of Covid-19 was a major reason for low chicken prices, as the consumption of poultry meat had been reduced over 50 per cent.