Five Unreported Feats of Imran Khan's 100 Days

09:45 PM | 5 Dec, 2018
Five Unreported Feats of Imran Khan's 100 Days

New government has completed 100 days. PTI and IK have been modest in reporting their scorecard. It won’t be wrong to say there is evident under-reporting of triumphs in the wake of trials PTI as a party faced, and IK as PM endured.

No sane person who understands even an iota of politics in Pakistan would subscribe to ‘100 days’ as a marker to gauge the progress of new government with majority of first timers.

But, then it was the PTI who invited this trouble by announcing a long list for its first 100 days even before the elections. The PTI leadership had option to review the list after assuming office, just like PML-N did in 2013, but the former were too naïve to play that trick.

So we can’t blame the media or opposition for all that commotion and rumpus that ensued the 100 days.

If you are wondering where did this 100-days as benchmark come from! Your guess is right. Like most other bad-politics things, this trouble too started in the USA in 1949.

But this trouble is not as old as Pakistan as a ‘trouble’ for many. Actually, Kashmir as trouble between India and Pakistan is almost as old too.

In Pakistan however this is the first time where both government and others took the 100 days so seriously.

PML-N had promised to end load-shedding in 3 months or 90 days. Their 90 days had the same actual count as Zia’s of 90 days for holding elections.

This piece is highlighting five feats which have not been reported in the PM’s address or PTI’s detailed reports.

One, when PTI said 100 days it meant that. Notwithstanding their proclaimed achievements, or absence of any, the very fact that promised period of 100 days was over is a first in Pakistan.

Mind it, PML-N’s 90 days to end load-shedding are still not over, even after three Prime Ministers have changed.

Two, 22nd PM of Pakistan who remained in opposition for 22 years only took 88 days to realize and accept he is the PM, and learn ho to play ball with the generals and the judges. Neither PPP not PML-N were able to do that. Their PM’s kept playing with wrong balls in very wrong courts.

Three, the first 100 days are like test-drive for next 200 weeks. Its like mini-golf vs. proper golf; just a reference point for the big play, so it ought to be taken like that.

PTI drove the vehicle of government in 100-days arena adroitly. Particularly it managed a U-turn or two, which were benign, well meaning and trial-based. It can no be trusted with the next or any U-turns, that the vehicle will not turn with the U-turn.

PPP took a U-turn too quick and too soon, when it placed ISI under the M/o Interior in end July 2008. Then you know what happened. Their U-Turn was so sudden and strong that it looked as if the vehicle had turned turtle. PML-N took several, similarly scary U-Turns and eventually the vehicle went off road.

The feat is not taking U-turns; its the net-practice of safe U-turns which matters. We must commend PTI for that, and convey that, at least the nation trusts you for future U-turns.

Four, the PTI did not report its amazing balancing act on external relations front. Neither PPP, not PML-N had a Trump to deal with in the US, a Modi to tackle in India, a CPEC to save in China, and a debt-default situation with international lenders and creditors.

This though is still a work-in-progress, but so far so good, and the government it seems will keep the external wolves at bay.

Last but certainly not the least, no government in the history of Pakistan has so genuinely and with such generosity and abundance amused and entertained Pakistanis as much as the current government in the first 100 days. I wish the government Godspeed in that arena.

If you don’t appreciate this assessment and are unable to find any wit in this piece - may you live to see another term of PTI , with at least 20 more such 100-days spells.