I did not marry for sake of career: Ayyan Ali

06:00 PM | 5 Jul, 2015
I did not marry for sake of career: Ayyan Ali
LAHORE (Staff Staff ) – Supermodel Ayyan Ali, who is facing detention in a money laundering case, has disclosed that she had travelled 30-45 countries and enjoyed touring those regions where daily expenditures were more than Rs 5,00,000.


In her book “Aseer e- Sayyad” being compiled in the Adiala jail, she wrote that she had toured those countries and region which any person especially a female can see in his/her dream.

She further wrote: “I had many marriage proposals from the affluent boys but I did not marry for my career’s sake.

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I had one proposal whose just thinking makes me frightened. One of the richest persons made every possible effort to get me.


His pursuance made me to think what great thing I had.”

Ayyan Ali wrote that she feels safe in the prison. “Jail staff understands me now and me too jail staff. Therefore, I do not feel there is no hurdle in purchasing anything from outside or getting any wish fulfilled,” she wrote.

“In the month of Ramazan, my heart is changing. I feel ‘I am the worst person’ in the universe but Almighty Allah will forgive my sins since He has never closed the door of Tauba.”


It is pertinent to mention here that Ayyan Ali has not disclosed name of her baby’s father in her womb. She only uses juices and snacks during Iftar and Sehr.

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She has also not furnished any detail about her much-hyped relationship with former President Asif Ali Zardari.