Surf Excel- Kids' Inspirational Storyteller Continues the Legacy This Ramadan

11:30 PM | 5 May, 2020
Surf Excel- Kids' Inspirational Storyteller Continues the Legacy This Ramadan

How surf Excel manages to spread the message of love, hope and kindness from the past five consecutive years in the month of Ramadan is clearly astounding. The surf brand has no doubt become a new inspirational storyteller for our kids and the Nation alike.

The journey started off back in 2016 and we’ve loved to witness yet another powerful message in the 2020 Surf Excel television commercial which is a word on everyone’s lips.

Surf Excel has the courage to give voice to the greater virtues of love and compassion, which is the true essence of our religion that we’ve somehow forgotten or must have ignored to teach our children trying to keep up with this fast-paced world. The brands’ television commercials have always been so moving, interactive and heartwarming that our kids and adults are just glued to their screens during the 2-3minute commercial.

We love being in the mystic world with the brand while listening to the music, watching the cinematography, unable to resist nodding heads, as if Surf Excel, has really served the purpose in this blissful month of Ramadan resurrecting our souls to the will and cause of Almighty Allah. We feel the connection to Our Creator during these rough ours and gather courage and strength out of a combo of these soulful Ramadan songs and short stories to ward off all the hardships that we are facing not only as an individual but as a Nation today.

Walking you through the brands’ journey, the latest of Surf Excels’ efforts is to promote the cause ‘When there is a Will there is a Way’ with the power of #NekiNahiRukegi. The beautiful lyrics of Surf Excel 2020 have a powerful

impact on the youth

Rehmat ki baarish

Rakh har dam jaari

Kal teri baari thi

Aj hai meri baari

Neki se chalti ye dunia saari

Kal teri baari thi

Aj hai meri baari

The narrative kicks off with a father telling his child about the significance of goodness and doing good deeds. The child is perplexed as to how one could do good deeds when the hours are rough and the path is dark. The father then replies, child! “When you’re determined to do good deeds then you will surely find a way”. The child then prepares a basket with different food items and in the meantime his spotless shirt gets blotched in curry without even a single glare (our mothers usually give us that glare upon seeing blotched clothes, huh!) his mother is also seen at work with him and then finally he lowers down the basket through his window sill to the security guard sitting right at the building entrance. The guard gives a grateful look and a thump on his chest with his hand to show the child how thankful he is to him. The plot is the realization of how our workforce from different spheres such as our health professionals, security guards and policemen are working day and night during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect us at all times at the cost of their lives. The message is to show them the love and respect they deserve as the heroes of the Nation and spread ‘Neki’ tirelessly.

You may find in descending order the links of how Surf Excel has successfully managed to spread ‘Neki’ unstoppably over the past few years.

Surf Excel 2019

Dua hai ek zarya jis se sunta sbki khuda

#EasarIk Ebadat

Surf Excel 2018

Neki ka rasta hai tu roshni tu zarya tu


Surf Excel 2017

Meine poocha khuda se k tu mujhko milega kahan


Surf Excel 2016

Aj meri paishaani pa qismat ne chooma hai

Madad Ek Ibadat

The efforts of Surf Excel Pakistan in spreading goodness, kindness, hope and humanity is no doubt commendable. We wish to see other brands across the country to spread and take such steps of positivity and love and we hope them to follow in the footsteps of Surf Excel Pakistan. Our Nation is much in need of such heart melting initiatives. Thank you Surf Excel Pakistan!