US Secretary of State Blinken contracts Covid-19

12:20 PM | 5 May, 2022
US Secretary of State Blinken contracts Covid-19
Source: US State Department

NEW YORK – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tested positive for COVID-19, the State Department said on Wednesday.

 “The Secretary is fully vaccinated and boosted against the virus and is experiencing only mild symptoms,” it said, adding that the secretary will continue to work virtually.

Blinker would be unable to unveil the US policy on China on Thursday due to infection.

"In accordance with the CDC guidelines and in consultation with the Department’s Bureau of Medical Services, the Secretary will isolate at home and maintain a virtual work schedule. He looks forward to returning to the Department and resuming his full duties and travels as soon as possible," read the statement.

Blinker took the test after he developed symptoms and it came back positive.

The State Department said that President Joe Biden is not being considered a close contact as the secretary of state did not hold meeting with him for several days.

However, Blinken met several people in past few days, including Swedish Prime Minister Ann Linde and Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard at the State Department.