Palestinian doctors in Turkey 'boycott' Israeli medicine

06:25 PM | 6 Jan, 2018
Palestinian doctors in Turkey 'boycott' Israeli medicine
ISTANBUL - Palestinian doctors have commenced a campaign aiming at boycotting Israeli medical products in Turkey.

The move was launched by a gathering of Palestinian doctors living in Turkey during a meeting held at the Turkish Medical Association in Istanbul, as the gathering's chief Mohammad Abu Al-Sheikh gave a presentation in this regard.

Abu Al-Sheikh expounded on the volume of Israeli business in Turkey, and listed the names of Israeli pharmaceutical companies and medicine on sale at the Turkish market, according to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

He also elaborated the steps to be taken by the Palestinian medical group to promote the anti-Israel campaign, and how to ensure that it would work out.

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US, Israel ‘meddling in internal affairs of Iran, Pakistan’

Turkey-Israel relations have continued from the beginning until today despite in a bumpy way because of both regional reasons such as the question of Palestine and global reasons such as the intervention of Western powers in the Middle East.

On Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States and Israel of meddling in Iran after Turkey’s neighbour was gripped by several days of deadly unrest.

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A total of 21 people died and hundreds were arrested in the week-long protests which were the biggest challenge to the Islamic regime since the 2009 mass demonstrations.

“We cannot accept that some countries - foremost the US, Israel - to interfere in the internal affairs of Iran and Pakistan,” Erdogan told reporters before heading on a trip to France.

“It is turning the people against each other in these countries. It’s a shame that we have seen this done in many nations… We saw this in Iraq.”

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Erdogan did not expand on the nature of the alleged meddling in Pakistan but on Thursday the US announced a freeze in deliveries of military equipment and security funding until Pakistan cracks down on religious extremists.

Trade between Turkey and Israel

Although diplomatic relations with Israel which were established in 1948 and recognized by Turkey one year later have occasionally contained crises, they have continued until today in a bumpy way.

The trade between the two countries has also been affected depending on the cooperation or crisis environments experienced in the process in question. According to trade intensity index values, the bilateral trade within the period further increased compared to the share of the two countries in the world trade.

Within the 1995-2015 period, Turkey's export to Israel increased by 10.38-fold, its import from Israel increased by 9.28-fold, and trade volume of the two countries increased by 9.93-fold.

When Turkey-Israel trade intensity index values in the 1995-2015 are examined, it is seen that both countries realised bilateral trade at a greater percentage than their share in the world trade. In this period, Turkey's export to Israel was averagely 4.26 times of its share in the world export. In this period, Israel's export to Turkey was averagely 2.16 times of its share in the world export.