PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh detained in Lahore

09:24 AM | 6 Jul, 2022
PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh detained in Lahore
Source: Haleem Adil Sheikh (Twitter)

LAHORE – Opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly and PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has been arrested in Lahore.

It was revealed by provincial lawmaker’s spokesperson, who said that men in plain clothes took Sheikh into custody from a hotel where he was staying.

However, the police is yet to confirm the arrest of the Sindh opposition leader.

Haleem Adil Sheikh’s daughter also shared a video on Twitter where men in plain clothes can be seen taking him out of a private hotel.

“Who are these people in civilian clothing dragging him out of his hotel at 3 in the morning!! My father is not safe and if God forbid anything happens to him I will not rest until every soul responsible for his mistreatment is exposed,” she wrote.

She added that police officials are not confirming the arrest of her father. “Lahore police says they did not arrest him, they have no idea where he is and that they do not know of any plans for his arrest,” she said. 

Former governor of Sindh Imran Ismail condemned the arrest of the PTI leader, adding that the detention is not being revealed anywhere.

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