Haier celebrating World Health Day

03:04 PM | 7 Apr, 2021
Haier celebrating World Health Day

LAHORE - Haier Pakistan the global number one major home appliances brand celebrates world health day as nothing matters more than keeping yourself fit and healthy. As the world witnesses a widespread pandemic, choose a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Haier inspires a healthy lifestyle while building a healthier world for its consumers through its appliances.  Haier Air Conditioners provide a comfortable atmosphere and its Puri Inverter is a complete air solution with super filters providing its consumers' freedom to breathe in filtered air.

With Haier Washing machine the clothes we wear are not only clean but also 99.99% germ-free as Haier’s Washing Machine comes with an Anti-Bacterial Technology that eliminates bacteria and every time offers a clean and hygienic wash. The antibacterial element is injected into the gasket and detergent drawer to eliminate bacteria and germs thus providing you a safe washing, hygiene, clean and healthy.

When it comes to health the most important thing is that what we eat should be healthy and fresh. Haier Refrigerators are equipped with full-space preservation technology by which food can be fresh in both compartments. The refrigerator compartment can provide the best preservation environment for different foods such as fruit, vegetables, and dry goods. The freezer compartment is at a constant temperature. Thus, there will be no nutrient loss even after repeated freezing. Moreover, In Haier Air fryer 80% less oil is used providing you a healthy cooking style. 

No doubt, Haier enables and inspires a healthy lifestyle for its consumers. For more exciting upcoming sales & promotions stay tuned to our social media platforms.

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