Junaid Jamshed remembered on fifth death anniversary

10:20 PM | 7 Dec, 2021
Junaid Jamshed remembered on fifth death anniversary

LAHORE – Pakistanis are remembering Junaid Jamshed, the singer-turned-preacher who died in a tragic plane crash five years ago, on his death anniversary.

Junaid Jamshed was born in Karachi on September 3, 1964. He had briefly worked as a civilian contractor and engineer for Pakistan Air Force (PAF) before turning into a singer. His father Jamshed Akber Khan was a retired Group Captain in Pakistan Air Force.

Junaid formed a pop music band Vital Signs and had also led the band as lead vocalist.

Vital Signs gained immense worldwide popularity during the 90s, with their songs like Aitebaar, Goray Rang ka Zamana, Dil Dil Pakistan and Sanwali Saloni.

At the peak of his successful career of 15 years, Junaid quit the music industry in 2004 to reconnect to his Islamic faith.

He went on a mission of preaching the correct paths of the religion to the residents of Chitral where he died in a horrible crash when PIA flight PK-661 of aircraft ATR-42 turboprop plane crashed near Havelian with 47 passengers and crew members on-board along with Junaid Jamshed and his wife.

Social media users have rallied around the hashtag #JunaidJamshed to pay tribute the Pakistani icon. 



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