This most lucrative business is leading us in TROUBLE!

03:39 PM | 7 Feb, 2017
This most lucrative business is leading us in TROUBLE!
Let me introduce to 'Photography', this is almost as precious as GOLD nowadays. Now one can hardly afford it for the best wedding portraits. So, if you are heading to your wedding venture, don’t forget to go pocket full for this 'Huge Expense'.

In the weddings of Pakistan, the specified class spend effortlessly for this leisure. Marriage is what you need, and wedding photography is something you want. The most common complain about wedding photography is that 'IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE'.

A group of middle to average class families who do not afford such expensive coverage for their weddings, mostly choose low-paid photography agencies. Because the word 'WEDDING' is involved photographers think that they can charge 3 to 5 LAC for wedding photos? They also know that bride and groom are not going to go without it, so they are going to pay for it, or THEY HAVE TO.

Weddings are expensive because having a large catered party is a luxury. Everyone wants to save precious moments of their marriage in memorable clicks but there are 'ALARM BELLS' which constantly ring in the back of your mind that how 'CAN I AFFORD IT'.

Marriage is a beautiful journey, but how would it feel if we start it with being in trouble or tensed emotions? In Pakistan, if one family doesn’t bear such extravagance, then other parties enforce their levy demands for high-quality wedding photography and videography.

For hiring highly paid photographers, many families borrow bank loans to go with the demands of their IN-LAWS. Is it a society complex we are living in? What will people say and this that? This unfavourable demands of hiring high paid photographers are building extra confidence in photography agencies.

Moreover, latest advancements in technology have made editing software approachable and photos can be altered easily. If we talk about equipment, one-time investments in photography tools goes for a long time. Every wedding event doesn’t require new equipment to be photographed with, the same tools and cameras can be used for the number of events.

Now, there is a 360-degree change in this occupation than before. Youngsters have established their own studios, some are professional while others are randomly performing this job as their part time. Universities, colleges and even schools are equally responsible for this creativity among students. The photography talent is rising and now people are heading for this occupation for its profitability.

Wrapping it all, dear photographers, don’t be a burden on a father of a girl who can only afford her daughter's departure. He has to make all necessary arrangements but what if we make this expense reasonable to all and feel comfortable in hiring a professional photographer. Make everyone happy with your Creativity but in a budget friendly value.