I have been through harassment in my career and life: Ayesha Omar

09:53 AM | 7 Jan, 2020
I have been through harassment in my career and life: Ayesha Omar

Sexual Harassment within the showbiz industry is certainly nothing new, but it’s safe to say the issue is now, rightfully, taking center stage.

Acclaimed actor Ayesha Omar recently opened up about being a victim of sexual harassment while talking about the MeToo movement in an interviewwith Ahsan Khan.

The Bulbulay star started off by highlighting the importance of the #MeToo movement and how individuals have felt empowered to speak out and share their own #MeToo stories.

“This movement is extremely important because it takes a lot for the people who’ve been victims to open up about their experiences. There are so many men and women in our own industry who have been through it, “ said Omar.

Omar explained that influential people who come out with their own experiences should be given immense support as that also encourages and empowers other silent victims to come forward as well.

“We need more people to come out, even if only the renowned are talked about. The lack of projection for some some, should not be considered as discriminatory towards anyone else’s struggles. It should simply be taken as a means to empower those without mediums by channeling them through those with the means.”

“It is extremely commendable of those who come out with their experiences, making MeToo an extremely brave movement. Even though it may also be exploited, but that doesn’t make the movement  bad. Being exploited is no the movement’s intention. It’s just that, everything ends up being exploited.”

The star then ended up revealing that she has also been harassed and is not comfortable with sharing her story with the world yet, but someday she might.

“I have been through harassment in my career and life, so I understand how it feels. I don’t have the courage to talk about it yet, maybe someday I will. But I can totally relate with everyone who has been through it.”

“There is no particular time for one to open up about it, it can take one 20 years, another only one, while for some it takes two minutes. People can come out whenever,” concluded the celebrity, emphasising that the time taken to open up isn’t made the point of reference for credibility.

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