PML-N top brass presses ECP to review appointment of 'biased' Hassan Askari Rizvi

04:21 PM | 7 Jun, 2018
PML-N top brass presses ECP to review appointment of 'biased' Hassan Askari Rizvi
LAHORE - Top guns of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz decried the appointment of Dr Hassan Askari Rizvi as the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, pressing Election Commission of Pakistan to review the decision.

Addressing a press conference, former premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi expressed that Hassan Askari was ignorant about the constitution adding that the high-profile appointment in Punjab would cast doubts about the whole election process.

'The individuals proposed by PML-N were of better repute without any doubt of partiality,' claimed the former chief executive.

He advocated that the interim set up should be neutral and the impartiality should be visible, terming Askari's appointment 'unfortunate'.

Abbasi continued that the opinion of Hassan Askari Rizvi towards democracy and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz was biased adding that few of the articles by the said analyst also substantiated the same.

He also cited a statement of Hassan Askari that ti was too difficult to conduct elections in simmering heat, asking ECP to review its decision over the appointment.

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'It has become evident that the forthcoming elections will not be fair and transparent,' declared the former premier.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was flanked by senior leaders of PML-N in his press conference who also voiced their concerns regarding Hassan Askari's appointment as the interim chief executive of Punjab.

Former Railways minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique expressed that they respected Hassan Askari, however, his political views were evident.

Admitting that Hassan Askari was a learned scholar, Saad urged the analyst to himself take back his name.

'Hassan Askari appeared as a vibrant and staunch supporter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on television and he is a biased individual,' alleged Saad Rafique.

The Election Commission of Pakistan had picked Hassan Askari Rizvi from among four nominees on Thursday after the government and opposition failed to reach a consensus on the matter.

Askari's name was proposed by the opposition party, Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf, which hailed the decisionn of polls watchdog.

ECP Rejects Reservations

The Election Commission of Pakistan swung into action minutes after the reservations aired by PML-N leaders and outrightly rejected the allegations hurled at Hassan Askari Rizvi, virtually implying that the decision would not be withdrawn.