Pakistani artist takes unique Truck Art to Washington streets

07:05 PM | 7 Sep, 2015
Pakistani artist takes unique Truck Art to Washington streets
WASHINGTON (Web Desk) - Haider Ali, the most renowned Pakistani truck artist, has painted a land cruiser in United States Washington, popularising this unique art form of Pakistan on the streets of Washington and fascinating everyone in the process.

He breathed life into the land cruiser by painting it the beautifully colorful and vibrant phool patti art that his team is famous for, the reported.


Haider Ali and his family have been in the business for more than 60 years.


He claims, “We [Pakistanis] have perfected this skill and it is the only art form in the subcontinent which is so unique to us.


“Sadly, it is not as appreciated and admired in our own homeland as it is admired in the global world.


“There are no art schools in the country that consider it a subject worthy enough to be included in the curriculum.”


And though people might call it “cheap” and “garish”, they would be a surprised to know that it costs about 1 million rupees to paint one truck, which is almost the same money required to buy a new truck and it takes about 4 - 5 days of immense hard work to complete it.


Isn’t it time we give it the same admiration and appreciation foreigners are giving to our beautiful truck art?