Meet Haris Baloch - Balochistan's fastest growing entrepreneur

09:46 PM | 8 Aug, 2019
Meet Haris Baloch - Balochistan's fastest growing entrepreneur
QUETTA - Haris Baloch is a 16-years old entrepreneur from Kharan, Balochistan. Born in a middle-class family, he has had to work his way up to the point where he currently is.

We sat down with Haris in his office and asked him about his life and his success to uncover how this 16-year old achieved what many people, especially in his part of the country, strive to achieve almost their whole lives – Financial stability.

Haris has always had a passion for innovation and business. Haris started implementing his business ideas very early in his life around the age of 14. He initially had to save to invest in a small business which later failed.

About this first experience Baloch says “It was my first business model implementation and everything looked good to me on paper. I failed due to little experience. Nevertheless, it was my first business and I had already approached it knowing that there was a chance of failure. I didn’t take it too hard and was preparing for the next one within a week.”

Now three years have passed since then and today Haris and his businesses own multiple social media pages which reach out to millions of audiences all over the world.

Let’s get into the questions he answered for us;

How did you learn digital marketing?

Haris Baloch: I learned digital marketing solely through tutorials found on YouTube and different websites. No one around me knew much or had the knowledge pertaining to this field so my only option was to school myself.

How long did it take for you to achieve stability in business?

Haris Baloch: It took me around 3 years to make my business stable. Really, it depends on the execution method and the type of business you go for.

What has been the hardest step in the process, how do you overcome it?

Haris Baloch: A mature person is aware that the quantity of likes/subscribers of a page/account contribute little to overall performance. A high number of likes/subs doesn’t essentially guarantee higher earnings. However, it’s not utterly wasted, and like it or not, potential followers do check the amount of your followers/subs before following. Moreover, a better variety of followers additionally mean a better potential reach. Post content that entices folks to share.

I nearly always gain a wave of followers whenever one in every of my videos gets shared wide. concentrate to the posts your audience likes most and recreate it. Don’t simply stop at one theme or one specific class of content. Experiment along with your content and observe what's being received well and what’s not.

Your advice for someone who is just starting?

Haris Baloch: The good news here is that you simply don’t have to be compelled to be terribly tech-savvy to succeed here. What you would like could be a heap of patience, determination and also the ability to execute while not overthinking. What helps most is to remain updated with the constant updates in policies and algorithms. you furthermore may have to be compelled to learn

the way to use these updates to your advantage. As social media is continually evolving, I'd recommend that you simply continue to learn, keep applying new

techniques and check new approaches to examine what works best for your business model. Read more, invest longer in learning and applying, and watch as everything falls into place. Don’t be terrified of failure, it'll continually leave you with a lesson.

Any growth tips for upcoming social media pages/channels?

Haris Baloch: Today’s content marketing atmosphere is extremely advanced in terms of targeting. using social media channels to achieve popularity is becoming easier and easier these days. Here are 3 things to look out for when it involves growth on social media:

1. Ask yourself why should somebody follow your account. outline your purpose.

2. Invest in quality photography and videos. Show what you sell and show it with vogue.

3. Don’t compromise on styles and production. Quality visuals cause you to stand out.

4. Consistency is vital. Post consistently or be forgotten, simple.

5. Experiment with content and often interact with your audience. Think less, execute more.

How long does it take to learn marketing?

Haris Baloch: Let’s make one issue clear first: marketing isn't rocket science, not even close. Anyone can learn enough to start out with correct time and energy. The field of marketing is ever evolving and perpetually dynamic as individuals change and their preferences change. You simply have to be compelled to learn to remain updated with news and new features. With

new features and techniques being uncovered regularly, these updates create the task easier most of the days.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Haris Baloch: I’ve learned tons since I started doing this. Here’s a number of things I faced myself and would hopefully serve as a warning for up and comers.

1. Hiring and firing – One issue I’ve learned concerning recruitment is to form decisions quickly and resolutely. If you like somebody in an interview, hire them, but if they fail to perform don’t hesitate to fire. I do know nobody likes to fire individuals, however my tendency to procrastinate firing under-performing individuals cost my business. It’s straightforward, if your workers don’t do their job, you may never be able to deliver your product.

2. Contracts, agreements and legalities – once it involves legal matters or collaborations with other individuals/companies, invariably make sure to own a written copy of any agreements/deals you create or ask for. Folks will turn back from their promises if you don’t have written proof. Be ready and have a number of backup plans.

3. Thinking outside the box – The very last thing that comes to mind is

this advice a notable businessperson gave me once: “Always keep an open mind and continuously be willing to contemplate anything reasonably. This can provide you with an edge over the competition”.

Haris Baloch is the cousin of Mehran Khan – Balochistan’s First Teen Digital Entrepreneur.