Komal Aziz was suspended from the university for this reason

11:31 AM | 8 Dec, 2018
Komal Aziz was suspended from the university for this reason
KARACHI - Pakistani actor Komal Aziz shared her life experience on Speak your heart with Samina Peerzada, and we realized how unpredictable life can be.

Komal talked about how her mother and younger sister were living in a rented house on rent after her father died not long after she returned from the US.

She described how the landlord would continue to threaten her and ask her to pay for the bills of all the previous years.

But there are still many things other things we didn't know about her!


Komal also talked about her educational background,  how she was a middle class, girl next door kind of a girl.

However, she was suspended by IBA Karachi, for three years! During her exams when she couldn’t memorize a definition, she tore it out from her textbook and took it to her exam where she got caught for cheating. Later she was suspended as punishment!

Her career was in danger and she was in the middle of nowhere. But the tough time didn't last long and Aziz didn't lose hope, she applied in another prestigious institution 'LUMS' in Lahore where she got 75 percent scholarship and later a 100 percent scholarship in the United States.

During her stay in the US, she shared how she had a great time with people belonging to different races and parts of the world. Komal shared that how studying abroad and in LUMS made her an empathic and down to earth person.