Pakistan’s police and judiciary ranked 'most corrupt' in Transparency International survey

06:16 PM | 8 Dec, 2021
Pakistan’s police and judiciary ranked 'most corrupt' in Transparency International survey

LAHORE – Pakistanis consider police and judiciary to be the most corrupt institutions in the country, according to the National Corruption Perception Survey 2021 conducted by Transparency International Pakistan.

It said that around 41 percent termed law enforcers as the most corrupt, while 17.4 percent voted for Judiciary, and 10.3 percent said the tender and contracting sector is dishonest.

When asked about measures to curb corruption, around 40% of Pakistanis say pace in stringent punishments for corruption cases, 34% said accountability of public officers by expediting NAB’s handling of corruption cases, and 25 percent picked a complete ban on those convicted of corruption from holding public office.

Furthermore, 72.8 percent of people believe that public sector corruption at the grassroots levels has increased in wake of the absence of local government.

Over 90 percent of Pakistanis believe that inflation and price hikes are highest under Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s tenure as compared to previous regimes.

Around 92.9% consider price hike to be the highest during the incumbent setup, compared to 4.6% who thought the same for the previous government of PML-N and 2.5% of the PPP government.

The survey took responses from 1,600 people from four cities each in every region of the country, Transparency International Pakistan said.

The fifth most populous country ranked 124 out of 180 countries dropping four spots over last year in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) by Transparency International released earlier this year.

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