PM Imran launches Pakistan’s first eco-friendly electric bike

10:58 AM | 8 Jul, 2021
PM Imran launches Pakistan’s first eco-friendly electric bike

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday launched Pakistan’s first locally manufactured electric motorbike 'which can cover a distance from 60 to 100 kilometres after a full charge'.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, the premier praised the eco-friendly initiative, saying that the PTI government will introduce further steps to combat severe climate change.

Khan termed e-vehicles necessary for the South Asian country as they help to curb environmental pollution. Cities in our country are expanding at a rapid pace, due to the increase in population. He said Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi had grown rapidly and were continuing to do so without planning.

The report of the Associated Press of Pakistan stated that the Electric bike is manufactured by a Pakistani company Jolta Electric and is considered a major step towards electrifying the country’s automobile industry. It will be available in various models including JE-70, JE-70 L, JE-70 D, JE-100 L, JE-125 L, JE-Scooty, JE-Sports Bike. Various models of Jolta E-Bikes have different speed specifications from 10 to 60 kilometres per hour and can cover a distance after full charge from 60 to 100 kilometres.

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The E-bike is environment friendly in all matters and can be charged overnight with other features such as no clutch and gear and low maintenance.

The launching of E-Bike was part of the present government’s five-year Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025, approved last year and envisaged targeting a robust electric vehicle market having a 30 per cent and 90 per cent share in passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks by 2030 and 2040 respectively.

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