Air China flight airlifts 78 technical personnel of Saindak project to Karachi

05:23 PM | 8 Jun, 2020
Air China flight airlifts 78 technical personnel of Saindak project to Karachi

BEIJING – An Air China A553 charter flight airlifted 78 technical personnel of China Metallurgical Group the Saindak project, from Chengdu Shhuangliu International Airport to Karachi.

This was the first international passenger charter flight from Sichuan to resume production, China's news website reported on Monday.

According to report, the work procedures for the review and approval of the resumption of production and resumption of international passenger charter flights were temporarily adjusted to establish a "green channel" to optimize the work process and shorten the processing time.

It is understood that the Pakistan Saindak Copper and Gold Mine Project operated by China Metallurgical Group has been operating steadily for 18 years.

Since the Chinese employees of the project returned home for vacation before the Spring Festival, they were caught up with the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic at home and abroad and the restrictions on international flights, which caused the project smelter to resume production in March.

At the end of May, China Metallurgical Group reported to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (SASAC) for approval and sent a letter to Air China to apply for business support.

The charter flight also carried 1.7 tons of epidemic prevention articles including medical protective masks, protective clothing, infrared thermometers, and blood glucose meters, as well as therapeutic drugs, to alleviate the urgent need for local epidemic prevention and control.