Do you know how to say "mother" in thirty different languages?

12:26 PM | 8 May, 2016
Do you know how to say
LAHORE (Ali Zain) - People in over 42 countries and territories, from Pakistan to United States, are marking Mother's Day to pay tributes to mothers around the globe on Sunday (today).

The day is an opportunity for everyone to extend love and express gratitude towards mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers for their contributions to family and society.

But do you know what people call their mothers in their native languages across the world?

This Mother's Day, we bring you 30 words from 30 different languages that are used to describe the most kind figure in human beings - Mother.

Arabic: أم (Omm)


Bengali: মা (Maa)


Chinese: 母亲 (Mǔqīn)


Czech: Matka

Danish: Mor

Dutch: Moeder

Fillipino: Ina

Finnish: Äiti

French: Mère

German: Mutter

Greek: Μητέρα (Mitéra)

Gujarati: મધર (Madhara)

Hebrew: אִמָא (Em-ma)

Hindi: मां (Maan)

Hungarian: Anya

Indonesian: Ibu

Japanese: 母 (Haha)

Korean: 어머니 (Eomeoni)

Nepali: आमा (Ama)

Norwegian: Mor

Pashto: مور (Mor)

Persian: مادر (Madar)

Punjabi: ਮਾਤਾ (Mata)

Russian: Мама (Mama)

Sindhi: ماءُ (Maoo)

Somalian: Hooyo

Spanish: Madre

Turkish: Anne

Urdu: ماں (Maa)

Vietnamese: Mẹ