Domestic violence spikes if England loses soccer contests, campaign highlights weird link

11:17 AM | 9 Jul, 2018
Domestic violence spikes if England loses soccer contests, campaign highlights weird link
LONDON - The National Centre for Domestic Violence has outlined that there is a direct proportion between the soccer matches and domestic violence, with a special reference towards the contests featuring England and its subsequent impression on the people.

In its campaign ‘The Not-So-Beautiful Game’, the organisation has highlighted that when England plays in any football contest, there is a 26 percent increase in domestic violence.

Shockingly, the figure swells to a staggering 36 percent if Harry Kane-led team loses any match, an observation that has sent jitters down the spine, at a time when the FIFA world cup is enthralling the people.

Poster depicts domestic violence with a special reference to the plus sign featured in England flag

To turn the spotlight on the issue, the charity has issued a series of stark posters giving people the information; the England poster features the caption: "If England get beaten, so will she."

Besides England, certain other countries like Japan and Switzerland have also been focused, carrying information regarding domestic violence, which the charity says sees a spike around football matches.

Highlighting the domestic violence in Switzrland

The organisation has also asked the victims to report any cases by sending 'NCDV' to 60777, or by phone on 0800 970 2070.

The world cup fever has gripped the soccer fans across the world as the Semi-Finals for the biggest contest are to be played in a matter of few days.

Turning spotlight on the issue faced by Japanese

England has reached the semi-finals- for the first time since 1990 - but the victory might not be so charming for the victims of domestic violence who can be subjected to torture, provided the country gets beaten by Croatia on Wednesday.