Disney releases teaser trailer for live-action Mulan

02:02 PM | 9 Jul, 2019
Disney releases teaser trailer for live-action Mulan
LOS ANGELES - Disney released the trailer of upcoming live-action remake Mulan on Sunday which is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan.

A reboot of the original 1998 American animated action adventure, the teaser was debuted during halftime of the FIFA Women’s World Cup marking their glorious win.

In the trailer, Mulan can be seen getting ready to take on any new suitors on the battlefield through her sword-fighting skills.

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“Mulan is the epic adventure of a fearless young woman who masquerades as a man in order to fight Northern Invaders attacking China,” the film studio said about the movie.

Mulan cast includes Li as emperor of China, Gong Li as a powerful witch and Donnie Yen as Mulan’s mentor, Commander Tung. Yoson An will also make an appearance as Mulan’s ally and eventual love interest, Chen Honghui.

The live-action Mulan is all set to hit theatres on March 27, 2020.