Kenwood Pakistan apologizes for 'misogynistic' ad, admits mistake

04:29 PM | 9 May, 2017
Kenwood Pakistan apologizes for 'misogynistic' ad, admits mistake
Just recently, Kenwood seemed to come up with a washing machine ad that was shared on all social media platforms and made quite a mark in the hearts and minds of its viewers. The ad resulted in extreme opposing and alternate views as it hurt the sentiments of some while others viewed it in a funny and humorous light. Whatever the means to the end, actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui became the target of backlash along with the entire Kenwood team who were labelled as promoting women oppression and domestic violence.

However, as a result of this, Kenwood has finally decided to come out in the open and admit their fault for this 'misogynistic' advertisement:

Let's not forget that Kenwood is all about innovative thinking and bringing about a revolutionary change in line with their innovatively manufactured wide range and variety of products.

We are sure they meant no harm.