Islamabad admin seals Best Western Hotel, Savour Hotel

07:06 PM | 9 Sep, 2015
Islamabad admin seals Best Western Hotel, Savour Hotel
ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) –The Islamabad administration Wednesday raided and sealed kitchens of Best Western Hotel and Savour Hotel in Blue Area of the federal capital due to unhygienic conditions, poor personal hygiene, leftover food and insects in water and juice.

The authorities have also summoned the health certificates of all kitchen staff employed by Savour Foods.

The authorities raided the outlet in Blue Area Wednesday as part of a crackdown against restaurants and outlets selling substandard food items.

The authorities also raided a food-packing factory in Golra and ordered it to be sealed as well, after officials found the food to be substandard.

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The administration said it has zero tolerance for unhygienic food.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Punjab Food Authority has launched crack down on hotels and restaurants in the province and the Centre also plans to launch such body.

The Centre has lent services of PFA Director Ayesha Mumtaz from Punjab for this purpose.

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